Founder Membership - Gold Golf Pass Renewal


As a founding member, you have been grandfathered in at a $55 per year rate. This rate will automatically enroll you into the Gold membership (the rate is $239.88 per year). We will still upkeep your SCHA. We appreciate and honor you as the woman who helped us get where we are. Without you, it would have never been possible. Thank you for your trust and support as we have built this incredible community.

Gold Membership Golf Pass provides general access to ForeGals Golf events, including:

  • Access to Members - Only Range Meet Ups and Outings
  • Free Monthly In-Person Group Golf Lesson.
  • 10% Off Golf Shop.

DOES NOT INCLUDE Benefits From Premium Membership.
DOES NOT INCLUDE Access to Exclsuive Collab Events with Brands.

If you are interested in upgrading to the NEW PREMIUM membership, we will honor your Founding Membership status by offering a $55 per year discount, where you will have to pay the difference of $244.99 per year moving forward. To upgrade to a PREMIUM Golf Pass membership:


We are different because our club is about more than golf. We empower our women on the green but leave them walking away with some sort of value. Whether it be a new friendship, idea, confidence, or business advice, each woman leaves with something new. ForeGals was founded on the idea that men get to play golf for business, so we should too, and kick ass while doing it. We bring a cool, classy, confident, and fun vibe to the game. And something special about this club is that every member is from a diverse background or ethnicity. We are women from different cultures, education, religions, and those things help us be a better club. Diversity not only supports and enhances our community now, it ensures longevity and future growth. We hope you join us! Can't wait to see you there.