Social Media Policy

ForeGals Golf is dedicated to fostering an engaging social media environment to promote the Club's brand, members, and events, all while cultivating a positive and inclusive atmosphere. Although social media platforms offer opportunities for positive communication with members, potential members, and the broader golf community, it's important for members to recognize that these platforms can also be misused, potentially harming the ForeGals brand and leading to legal consequences in extreme cases. When individuals publicly associate themselves with ForeGals, they are expected to conduct themselves appropriately, aligning with ForeGals Golf values and policies. Any content or behavior on a member's social media accounts that could be deemed disrespectful, dishonest, offensive, harassing, or damaging to the interests, image, and reputation of ForeGals Golf is strictly prohibited.

This policy encompasses all forms of social media and is applicable to all ForeGals Golf Members. It doesn't extend to personal use of social media when the member is not identifiable as a ForeGals Golf Member or when making no reference to ForeGals Golf or matters related to ForeGals Golf.

ForeGals Golf Members: Official (paid) members, volunteers, and individuals authorized to represent the Club.
Use of social media websites: Any online activity where an individual shares information that might impact Members or the ForeGals Golf club.

Members are encouraged to follow ForeGals Golf's social media sites and share club-related content within their personal networks. However, when associating with ForeGals Golf, members are prohibited from:

  • Posting content compromising the professionalism and reputation of the Club.
  • Using hostile, defamatory, or harassing language.
  • Disclosing private or confidential information about the Club, its members, guests, suppliers, or affiliates.
  • Posting or promoting pornographic or sexually explicit content.

Members must be considerate and promptly remove information about another member upon request. Offensive or derogatory comments about ForeGals Golf, its members, or affiliates are strictly prohibited. Members are expected to report any potentially defamatory or damaging information to the Club promptly.

ForeGals Golf retains the right to monitor members' social media activity and remove non-compliant content. Violations may result in disciplinary action, including temporary suspension, permanent termination of membership without a refund, and legal action, at the Club's discretion.