San Diego Chapter Lead: Cheryl Smoot

Meet Cheryl

Cheryl, a San Diego native, is employed in labor law compliance for the local government. During her upbringing, she would frequently accompany her father and brother to the driving range but limited her golfing to local pitch and putt courses. In 2021, Cheryl decided to rekindle her interest in golf, engaging in the sport to stay active and participating in scramble tournaments with friends and colleagues. The ongoing challenge of enhancing her golf game is something Cheryl finds particularly enjoyable.

Having joined ForeGals in 2023, Cheryl sought to connect with like-minded individuals, establishing relationships both on and off the golf course. Beyond her professional commitments and golfing pursuits, Cheryl takes pleasure in supporting the San Diego State Aztecs, exploring new restaurants, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Eager to collaborate with Lily, Cheryl looks forward to contributing to the expansion of their community in San Diego and fostering an environment that is both encouraging and inclusive.