Los Angeles Chapter President: Susi Hecker

Meet Susi

Susi moved to Los Angeles from Germany. She started golfing in 2019. The first time she swung a golf club was at a company event at the Tierra del Sol Golf Club in Aruba.

Since then, she has played golf courses in Dubai, Germany, Portugal, Austria and the U.S. Since moving to the U.S. Susi volunteered at the U.S. Golf Open 2023 and has assimilated herself with the FGG community.

Her passion has always been traveling to other countries, exploring different cultures, and learning new languages. She speaks 4 languages (English, German, Czech, Spanish), currently learning Japanese.

Her professional background includes corporate events planning and working for the CEO Office of a global digital consulting company. After joining ForeGals in May 2023, she is honored to serve as the President of the L.A. Chapter, where her mission is to inspire and empower women to em- brace golf and step onto the course with confidence.

Let's show Susi some love and appreciate for helping our community continue to thrive!