Tips For First Time Golf Gals


Hi Gals!

Okay, so you took the leap of faith. Either you were sick of sitting in a golf cart while your man was golfing, or exhibiting at a hole while the men played at the corporate event, or hey, like me in my first golf experience you might have been caddying for someone and you are done. Either way, you were not golfing. Now you decided your worthy of learning how to golf and play with the men during a corporate event or maybe you just want to get out on the course with the gals.

You're a first timer and you feel like a fish out of water. So many nerves and thoughts racing as you are taking your clubs out of the car (if you even bought them yet). Do I look okay? Why are people staring? Am I carrying my bag the right way? I am lost!  Where do I check in? But don't worry, we are here to help.

Hi, I’m Amber and I was once in your shoes. I had no idea what I was doing. I still consider myself a beginner golfer with a couple of years of experience under my belt. I am going to share with you some tips that I learned when I first got started, that I wish someone had told me. 


Get a Golf Instructor

It's always good to have someone at the range who can help you learn the basics. You can find a golf instructor at your local area by searching online or asking around at your local golf course. You can go on Instagram or call any course and let them know you are new. They will give you some guidance. We also offer a swing coach as part of our membership. A golf instructor will help you with laying a good foundation. Golf is a hard sport to "unlearn" if you start picking up bad habits, so invest in yourself from the beginning. Golf instructors should always be professional and never make you feel uncomfortable. 


Attend Group Clinics

Golfing with a group of women can be fun and clinics provide a fun group experience. Group clinics typically have an itinerary where you practice a few different techniques. This will apply to short-game. What is short-game? This is where you are on the greens working on chipping and putting. What are the greens? The soft grass where the hole is. :) You can absolutely suck at golf, but if you have a great short game, watch out!


Understand Golf Etiquette

The rules golf are like the Bible, so you may want to find out what those rules are before going out on the greens. Unfortunately people in business will judge you based on your etiquette. Weird right? You will also want to learn how to carry your clubs properly so that they don't interfere with each other or with your swing. Nobody wants to hear clanky clubs. We will expand on this topic for another blog post. We encourage our gals and members to take advantage of our BFORE Confidence on the Course program. These are videos that share some basic etiquette. 


Golf Dress Codes

Some golf courses have strict dress codes while others don't. Private club's dress codes for female golfers often include: shorts, skorts, and skirts that may not be shorter than (# of Inches) above the knee for both men and women. Women must wear collared shirts or designer collarless golf shirts and golf dresses must be of an appropriate length. We love brands like J. Lindenberg, Adidas, GFore, Fore All, and even Amazon has some really cute cheaper options. 


Buy Golf Clubs

We have to admit buying new golf clubs is an overwhelming experience. We suggest purchasing your first set from Amazon. They are a great price and perfect for beginners. Once you get into the swing of things, invest in a better set and get them fitted to your body height. Check out our Amazon store on our Linkt.ree to see what we suggest buying.


Be Kind To Yourself and Join A Supportive Golf Group

Golf isn't just a man's game: more women are embracing the sport and learning to play is easier than you think. If you are trying to get into golf and want to know where to begin, reach out to us! We are here to provide a safe place for women who have no golf experience to learn the sport and make friends and business contacts while doing it.

If there is something we have missed or any tips you would like us to expand upon, let us know in the comments! We plan on releasing more topics that are focused on each experience you have on the course. Everything from how to get range balls to checking into your tee time and more...